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« on: September 26, 2015, 12:19:46 am »
In game alias(s) :

Stiger, Mafalda, Etiri, Brokr, Nocxium, tyrwulf, Morganna, Zokimos, Chartreaux, Daingar, Fynnric, Neurosis, (FTP)

Time I've been playing :

about 8 months

Location :

I grew up in NJ but live in New Orleans now

Past guilds :

ParaBellum, Ignis

Age :


Where I heard of DA and why I want to join :

I took a PvP class with Jakkob  and we discussed my previous guild affiliations and how I didn't feel I fit in with those groups.  I was particularly bothered by excessive use of the 'n' word and racial insensitivity, as well as constant discussion of drug use.  I don't force my views on others, but I work in a diverse  workplace and don't like to use or hear that type of slang.  I also  have had family members struggle with drug addiction so the topic of drugs is troubling to me.  

Jakkob felt that I would get along with the DA group and so far they seem like my type as well.  I've played a lot of MO alone, but it will be nice try more group activities with like minded people.