Application [ACCEPTED]
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Application [ACCEPTED]
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:21:47 am »
In game alias(s) :


Currently playing :

Mortal online

Time I've been playing :

1 month

Location and Time Zone :

Washington state, Pacific

Past guilds :


Why I want to join DA :

Looking for a non RPK guild to learn the basics and hopefully pvp with. Played WOW for years, got tired of zero world pvp, then found darkfall. Played that untill it shut down. Tried Unholy wars, then found MO. My internet sucks, so i made a mage hoping to be an assist player. So far all ive really done is farm boks and pigs in tindrem. ive gotten my mage and pet skills pretty high. Thanks for your consideration !

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